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The Watertown Blue Sharks is a competitive swim team from Watertown, New York that pulls swimmers from around the North Country.

We are in the Central New York YMCA league, with practices running from Early October through February. We also send many swimmers to the New York State YMCA swimming championship meet in March Annually. We have also sent swimmers to the YMCA National Meet held in Greensboro North Carolina.

The Watertown Family YMCA sponsors the Blue Sharks Swim Team. A YMCA membership is required to register for the Blue Sharks. The YMCA provides through the membership insurance coverage for all swimmers and staff members required for us to swim in the CNY YMCA league.

September 20, 2021 WHS
Large Cafeteria
6:30 pm


August 23 online

Swim Programs 
All swimmers compete within their age group, broken down as follows:
A: 15-19 yrs
B. 13-14 yrs
C. 11-12 yrs
D. 9-10 yrs
E. 8 & under

Team Swimsuits
Team swimsuits are generally ordered at the beginning of the season. While cost is not included in registration fees, every attempt is made to keep the cost reasonable. Team suits are worn at swim meets. (Home, Away, Invitational, District, and State meets.) They should not be worn for practice. Any one piece swimsuit can be worn for practice. Sizing for the suits will be done at registration and prices will be determined before ordering.

Mighty Mini Program

This is an introduction to competitive swimming for young people ages 8 years and under. Proper technique of the four competitive strokes is stressed. The child must be able to swim a form of the front crawl for the length of the pool (25 yards) without stopping and without the use of aids. The child should also have a comfort level in the deep end.

Practice Days and Times
Monday 6:00-7:00 at the H.T. Wiley Pool 
Wednesday 6:00-7:00 at the H.T. Wiley Pool 
Friday 6:30-7:30 at the Watertown High School Pool

Intermediate & Senior Programs

Swimmers ages 9-19 years receive training in four competitive strokes with emphasis on refining technique, stamina, and discipline. 

Practice Days and Times
Daily at 6:30-8:00 pm at the Watertown High School.

Times may change slightly during the season based on pool availability due Modified and Varsity Swim Team Schedules. 

Practice is not held on days that school is not in session with the exception of some optional practices during the Christmas and February school vacations.

Meet Participation

With the understanding that the Blue Sharks is a full time competitive swim team, all participants are encouraged to attend all swim meets, both home and away. It is in the best interest of our for all of our swimmers to attend all meets to have a successful year 

There will be 6 League Meets during the season, both home and away. Some travel is required.

There are 5 additional meets:
Terror on the Blocks
Winter Whiteout
New Year-New Times
The New York State Championship Meet

Does my child need to be a good swimmer to join the Blue Sharks?

No, but we do expect a minimum skill level to that of an intermediate swimmer through recreational lessons.

Does my child have to be at every practice?

The Blue Sharks requires you to attend at least one practice throughout each week, and at least three meets during the season. The staff will encourage consistent participation to better develop skills and proficiency. 

What should my child expect from practice?

Depending on what age group the child is placed in, he or she will be exposed to a variety of water drills which make the swimmer repeat fundamentals of each stroke, turn, or start. A-D swimmers will be training for endurance more the instructional drill work thus swimming many more laps. The Mighty-Mini group swimmers will be doing fewer laps and beginner level focused drills and exercises.

How can parents get involved?

The Parent Board of Directors has a list of volunteer positions that are vital to the operation of the team. Any parent wishing to find out more about how they can help can let a board member know.